6 de gen. 2019

6/365: 2019

Thank God today is the last day, from Christmas Day, which we have been eating as though there were no tomorrow.  

I need to eat normally again: eating vegetables and fruits, drinking water, … and doing exercise every day as well.

However, I love these days. Firstly, because they are days to share TIME (the most valuable good in the world) with friends and family. Secondly, because they are days to remember, a little bit more, the loved-ones, and finally, because they are magic days where all is possible. 

PS1: I think that I have been good for year because The Three Kings have left me the tickets to go to Cirque Du Soleil. 😊

PS2: At the end, I cannot help but remember the politic prisoners. A great hug to them and family too. I wish you all the strength and bravery.

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