17 de gen. 2019


Today I've been in Vilanova i la Geltru as one of invited people to see how more than 180 people representatives chosen of all institutions included in Escola Pia de Catalunya like a teacher, non-teaching staff, students and families, they talked, dialogued and, essentially, they decided which policies will carry out during next four years. 

In fact, I think that the "Assemblea de las Institucions Educativas d'Escola Pia de Catalunya” is one of the best process to decide together the direction where we want to go to the coming four years. 

This process has different phases. Firstly, all workers, parents and students in each one of institutions of Escola Pia de Catalunya they raised which could be the policies. Secondly, a commission of each institution decided which of these they should be send to Escola Pia de Catalunya head centre. Thirdly, from Escola Pia de Catalunya, they organized all sent policies and they again asked them (to all people involved in the institution) which of these should be   voted in the "Assemblea". 

Finally, at the present day and thanks this process, it has been possible to know which the policies during would be next four years. 

In summary, from today to 2023, most of resources of the Institution will be meant to 2 chosen policies:
1. To strengthen and to implement the innovation project SUMMEM in whole educational stages.
2. To transform the culture of assessment in order to become formative, competency and global.

Good luck to next four years!            

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