30 de gen. 2019


Today was a different day. I've gone to annual meeting of alliance 360. I'm going to explain it a little bit.

That's one of the Fundació Bofill projects. Educació 360, Educació a temps complet wants anyone children have more and better education opportunities in whole spaces and time and connecting education and knowledge between school time and after school time. Every child and young must build your vital route with equity without exclusions. This is a big challenge because is very difficult working together: schools, entities, local authorities, ...

Meeting had different parts divided at morning and afternoon. At morning the activities were to understand and thinking the challenge. At the afternoon it showed real projects around the world and in our area as well, all related with the 360.

My role in this day was to be one of the enablers in the workshop at the morning, specifically my workshop was about how we can build community plans focused in 360 Education.

In Education one of the trends is this new view. We must give to our children and young the same opportunities to build your future from society, schools and entities. Are we ready?

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