4 de gen. 2019

4/365: 2019

Today I want to think about Google and their link with the education world. I know that Google is one of the most important company in the world, as a result Google is considered one of the Big Four Technology companies.  But not only is a big technological company, it has more than 85.000 workers around the world. I read, in their website, that the mission is: Organize the word’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.  

But, how can be that this company not only is good in online advertising technologies, search engine, cloud computing, software and … but even have been a model in self-driving car or in other industries? How a company that, it doesn’t know about complex industries, getting into the market and can be a model to follow?  Google always has many new projects started: projects to the entrepreneur, or to the education, or Virtual Reality, …That is in their DNA. Sergei and Larry, when founded Google, they wanted to make the best search engine. I think that they never thought that Google could became in the company like it is nowadays.  

But, for me the important thing is how they have got this. The answer is in the why: Why Google want to entry in Education, for example? Which is their interest in to be in Education world, moreover free? Thousands of teachers and students around the world have lessons, homework, marks, names, emails… trough Classroom, or shared easily in Google Drive, all in the Google Cloud, …. Really all this information will not use to anything? To sum up, I don’t want to think negatively, however I should like to invite you to think a little bit about this.

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