14 de gen. 2019

14/365: 2019

I've just read this article by Albert Cuesta (great article!)  and I cannot avoid sharing with you these words.

Steve Jobs was the person more important in whole Apple story, about this no one can say anything. That is the question: if Apple will know to live without Steve Jobs. And, now, the time is saying that no, according, I think.

Steve Jobs was, in my opinion, one of the best visionaries of all times. He dreamed, thought and created most of devices and services to Apple. One of them was to think and design the concept of smartphone and how to improve the usability to be easy, intuitive, simple, ...  One point in favour by Steve Jobs was that. 

On the other hand, generally, when people leave from a company, institution, it represents there an opportunity to do different things and better than how it was doing: this is the theory. In this case, it hasn’t fulfilled, in my point of view.
No one knows how the future of Apple will be. Now, it is dropping the sales and people want not to spend more money to buy Apple devices because they find them cheaper. In contrast, Apple has 1.4 million customers on the world: will they know take advantage of that? Will they have the new services and devices inside the box and they will decide at which time will can be made public? 

That's the question: Which is the person or team that  will take the challenge and will return to put  Apple as a winner  in companies ranking more valued? The game is on! 

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