11 de gen. 2019


Today, in Foyer room at Tecnocampus, with our entrepreneurship team have started the first social innovation camp to 100 students from three High School of Mataró. We have trained fifteen mentors, all of them are colleges students in Tecnocampus, that they have helped to them to think in a new social project through 4 challenges, all related about Mataró city. One of assessment criteria to develop the project is that it must be with social impact, obviously.  

That first day had 2 objectives: firstly, to know the team (each one had 6 members: 3 couples per school) and secondly, to know the challenge with the 5 W's. This worksheet is used to understand the problem or problems related to the challenge. It's very important, previously to start the project, to do this step. 

At January 25th, it will be the big day. For more than 4 hours students High School will have to present a social project in one of four challenges before a professional panel.

I'm waiting impatiently that day.

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