20 de gen. 2019

20/01: 2019

In this course, in two of my classes in lower and higher vocational training, I will use simulation-based management training program that integrates and reinforces knowledge and skills learned in previous courses and current as well.
I will use a simulation software, called Empresaula. It gives me very possibilities, specially, in customized assessment of students. 

The simulation employs a competitive market environment in which students build a business from the ground up to enter the new business created by them.  The teams are tasked with introducing a new line of products or services into several national markets: other students that they are learning with this methodology. 

The simulation requires students to form executive teams consisting of seven or eight members. Within each team, students work as the head or worker of specific functional areas. Throughout the decision rounds, they conduct market analyses, make tactical decisions with regards to product design, manufacturing capacity, inventory management, human resource management, sales channel planning, advertising, and financial accounting (a little bit).

On the one hand, by students, simulation-based management training program is motivating to students because they are learning by doing and it does that, they are actives all the class. For example, if they arrive it a sale from other company, they must to send it, because they need that team and company run well and they can reach to proposed goals.

On the other hand, by the teachers, to start this methodology imply significant work because it must have both the clear objectives to teams and to every student as well. Moreover, teacher must conduct executive briefings on a weekly basis. Each team meets with him for about fifteen minutes to discuss and justify the decisions that they are planning to make for the next fortnight. It's true, that's more work in the beginning, but when you can see all students involved in your company is very pleasant. 

In summary, Simulation-based pedagogy offers an experiential learning process that emphasizes repeated action, reflection, accommodation, and testing. This process allows students to refine their knowledge and developed business skills. As such, simulation based-pedagogy can be implemented in any subject. This is experiential learning opportunity for all students to develop an understanding of business with a fun, intro-level business simulation.

19 de gen. 2019


I 've just done the exam. It has been a "writing". As it said English teacher, it's very important to planed what we want to write and to then to start to write a draft. Working time is very important to be succesful. Now, I must only wait the mark.

17 de gen. 2019


Today I've been in Vilanova i la Geltru as one of invited people to see how more than 180 people representatives chosen of all institutions included in Escola Pia de Catalunya like a teacher, non-teaching staff, students and families, they talked, dialogued and, essentially, they decided which policies will carry out during next four years. 

In fact, I think that the "Assemblea de las Institucions Educativas d'Escola Pia de Catalunya” is one of the best process to decide together the direction where we want to go to the coming four years. 

This process has different phases. Firstly, all workers, parents and students in each one of institutions of Escola Pia de Catalunya they raised which could be the policies. Secondly, a commission of each institution decided which of these they should be send to Escola Pia de Catalunya head centre. Thirdly, from Escola Pia de Catalunya, they organized all sent policies and they again asked them (to all people involved in the institution) which of these should be   voted in the "Assemblea". 

Finally, at the present day and thanks this process, it has been possible to know which the policies during would be next four years. 

In summary, from today to 2023, most of resources of the Institution will be meant to 2 chosen policies:
1. To strengthen and to implement the innovation project SUMMEM in whole educational stages.
2. To transform the culture of assessment in order to become formative, competency and global.

Good luck to next four years!            

16 de gen. 2019

16/365: 2019

I've always been curious to know the answers to some questions that I think they are different. During these days, when I'm seen TV news, I ask myself: Why to keep the name to Dakar Rally if the race is happening in Peru? Do you have somey ideas? 

15 de gen. 2019

15/365: 2019

I want to talk about to do healthy sport. Every day more and more friends and acquaintances start to do extreme sport and they are thinking that they are doing healthy sport. In my opinion, to begin to run marathons at 40's is doing extreme sport. I'm more 50`s and the body feels that the time falls above you, as a consequence, the knees say, for example: I'm 50 years old! 

I have always done sport due to in my family, for instance, my brother started to do gymnastic early age, my mother and my grandfather they used to walk by the mountain when they could, ... I understood that doing exercise was an integral part of my live. Moreover, to do sport was necessary to be a healthy life as well. 

Why people to start to do sport that maybe could be bad to the body?
In my point of view, when people mature/grow they want to have new challenges in their lives. I think that their mind it will feel good when they get this objective. In this point, I agree with them: people need to have goals, and this is a point a favour. 

On the other hand, I disagree in this kind of objectives because the consequences to the body could be bad. Furthermore, it seems that if you don't do some extreme sport, you are a weak person. Messages from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter... are related that: you have to do things that it involves a big physical effort because only then you will be a strong person. These messages are very negative to person who has weak mind.
In summary, I think to do sport should be part in our lives, but healthy sport that you can practice it any age. 

I always say to my students that the best business model to the future will be customized prothesis knees. When I see some people run and if I would make these prothesis I would give them a business card with my telephone number. I'm sure that someday they would call me.

It mustn’t forget why a marathon is called like this and what it happened to Pheidippides after to run 42.195 kilometres.