10 de març 2019

69/365: 2019

One more time in Brussels... This is my third time. But I'm very happy to go back for two reasons: 

- Firstly, because we are celebrating the fifty years old of Rosa Maria and Dolors
- Secondly, because yesterday we were talking with the MHP Carles Puigdemont.

Thank you for this weekend! 

9 de març 2019

68/365: 2019

Historic day in my life. I'm going to go to Waterloo to meet with MHP Carles Puigdemont, our exiled- President.

I never could imagine that I would do that in a full democracy.
The "Proces" is a really entrepreneurship project. 

8 de març 2019

67/365: 2019

International Woman Day! I don't understand why we are still claiming the same rights that when I was young.

7 de març 2019

6 de març 2019


I'm happy because today, a project born in the Final Project Degree in Vocational Training last year (Uxia: customized bags),  the woman founders will come back to the school to know the crowdfunding proposal that current students have been working during 2 weeks. 

I hope that they like it!

5 de març 2019


I will have a meeting to prepare the class programming to the course which will start on April 1t in Tecnocampus.

4 de març 2019

63/365: 2019

Today is public holiday. I will take advantage to finish the PAC 1 of  Data Analysis Techniques and to put in order my classes programmings because there will be Internal Audit on Friday, 8th March.