18 de juny 2019

170/365: 2019

I'm very happy because I attended at Demo Day Ifest. It have been organized by Imagine, the company that make the dreams come true. I have been Jury of one of their challenges, specifically about how place value on water. It has been a amazing journey. It's a shame that I have had to leave very soon, and before it was finished. Thank you, one more time, Xavier Verdaguer.

27 de març 2019


This morning students from Institut Miquel Biada have come to the school, ....mmmm, sorry, they have come to Biabanca, our ethical bank created by my vocational training students of administration. Miquel Biada students have explained them their entrepreneurship project because they needed money to build it. My students have gathered different accounting documents: the cashflow forecast, the account balance and profit and loss account and in few days my students will give the answer related your financial request. 

26 de març 2019

85/365: 2019

It seems the final but... it's a new beginning

I want to explain about “El Bulli, l’últim vals”. Yes, that is neither a contest nor a daily programme about how to cook; it’s the last day when one of the best restaurants of the world closed its doors: that’s a documentary.

The programme showed us how the last day in “El Bulli” was. It could have been a sad day, but Ferran Adrià is so special that he became it in a party. Adriá has 3 words in your brain: creativity, innovation and passion. One of the things that your friends, workers and partners said was: “There are no limits when you work next to Ferran Adria”, and this one of the best creativity principles. 

The objective of the programme is to know how it worked in “El Bulli” and how it transformed the final in the new beginning. You can see how everyone was part of the big project, and also, of the party: great chefs recognized around the world (some of them started with him), kitchen assistants, waiters, and also customers!

I love innovation and creativity; it’s for that I like this special programme. You can see most concepts needed when you want to improve anything, not just the restaurants: team work, passion for all that you do, motivation, discipline, honesty, alertness … and enjoy it! 

Whatever your job, your age, “El Bulli, l’últim vals” is worth going to see; maybe you don’t learn a new recipes, but you learn how a little project can be the biggest if you cook with the needed ingredients. 

25 de març 2019

84/365: 2019

I’m going to talk about a painting that, for at least 20 years, I ‘ve felt fascination. The first time that I’ve listened about it, it was thanks to Manel Trenchs, Art History teacher in my school. He was a conference about this painting, and it seemed me something different that how I understood the art.
The picture measures 79.5 by 79.5 cm. It was created in 1918, the year after the October Revolution, by Kazimir Malevich. It is an oil-on canvas. It is one of the more well-known examples of the Russian Suprematism movement.
Next, I want to talk about the colours. The main colour is white, yes, you are understanding right. In the foreground there is a white square shape that it seems it is coming out of the canvas. There are brushstrokes in white colour. In the background the same painting wants to seem another white square shape.
Finally, I like this painting for your simplicity and your creativity. In my opinion, I consider that it must very difficult to paint in just one colour, moreover this colour is the white.
In addition, I think it’s so peculiarity that a French playwright woman, Yasmina Reza, created a play inspired in this painting. This play is called Art, and it has become in one of the most famous in the theatre world
So, do you know which is this painting?

24 de març 2019

83/365: 2019

Sunday... after the storm comes the calm... I need to assimilate emotions from yesterday 

23 de març 2019

82/365: 2019

Great and amazing experience! 

Exciting projects, strong teams, big people!!!!!

I want to repeat soon the experience! Thank Hector, to choose me, for your confidence, and I like, one more time, to be as facilitator and to be able drive a team to visualize their new innnovative project related to the culture.