13 de febr. 2019

44/365: 2019

Two students Marketing helped 30 students 4t ESO  to create a campaign to blood donate. All of it, it's included in the new subject called Servei Comunitari. They used 10 hours to do it. They have prepared: posters, flyers, hashtag,... 

First step was to go to Banc de Sang in Barcelona to know how it works this Lab and, specifically, why we have to donate blood. 

A days later, they started to design the campaign, the Wenedsdays afternoon. 

Today, people could come to donate blood from 15:30 to 20 h. We have get 57 donates! A great succesful! 

12 de febr. 2019

43/365: 2019

Today, it starts the "el procés" trial. It will be long and hard. I hope that the accuseds keep strong during it. 


11 de febr. 2019

42/365: 2019

Monday... just one day to start the "el procés" trial... #freedompoliticalprisoners

9 de febr. 2019

40/365: 2019

Why a democratic country that it has a democracy from 1976, the politicians, whether politically right, left or centre must justify, day by day, that the country is democratic? Does anyone could explain me it? Maybe it isn't as democratic as like it shows, and it must explain it to the world.

I think a great shame!


8 de febr. 2019

39/365: 2019

Happy Birthday, Montse! You are 54 years old! In exactly 9 months, I will be 54 years old! Jajaja!

7 de febr. 2019

38/365: 2019

Today, my ex-student Raul Garcia have visited me to show a new business that he and another partner are starting. The business is called FinOview, and it consists in a platform can be used to make financial overviews.   

He wanted to know if it would be interesting to their business to have a new business line and to can offer the product to financial teachers. We had an interesting discussing about how could improve the product to be useful to them. 

I feel well when I can see the ex-students are running new projects: this want to say that they are become in entrepreneurs. 

Long life to the entrepreneurs!