26 de març 2019

85/365: 2019

It seems the final but... it's a new beginning

I want to explain about “El Bulli, l’últim vals”. Yes, that is neither a contest nor a daily programme about how to cook; it’s the last day when one of the best restaurants of the world closed its doors: that’s a documentary.

The programme showed us how the last day in “El Bulli” was. It could have been a sad day, but Ferran Adrià is so special that he became it in a party. Adriá has 3 words in your brain: creativity, innovation and passion. One of the things that your friends, workers and partners said was: “There are no limits when you work next to Ferran Adria”, and this one of the best creativity principles. 

The objective of the programme is to know how it worked in “El Bulli” and how it transformed the final in the new beginning. You can see how everyone was part of the big project, and also, of the party: great chefs recognized around the world (some of them started with him), kitchen assistants, waiters, and also customers!

I love innovation and creativity; it’s for that I like this special programme. You can see most concepts needed when you want to improve anything, not just the restaurants: team work, passion for all that you do, motivation, discipline, honesty, alertness … and enjoy it! 

Whatever your job, your age, “El Bulli, l’últim vals” is worth going to see; maybe you don’t learn a new recipes, but you learn how a little project can be the biggest if you cook with the needed ingredients. 

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