20 de març 2019

79/365: 2019

Second day in CLIL course . 

CLIL classes are different from both traditional English classes and from content classes delivered in the native language by a native speaker. When the learners are learning new content such as scientific concepts, mathematical operations, facts of history or theories of music AND English at the same time, teachers must use new methods and materials to ensure that both the English and the new content are clear and comprehensible. Simply translating materials and ideas from Catalan or Spanish is not the answer.

In other words, teachers need to manage the learners, the materials and the learning differently: this means new methods are required. This course introduces participants to the key ideas behind effective class management in CLIL classes. We will look at different types of activities that enable learners to become active learners so they engage with the new ideas and the new language and learn effectively.

We have explored how to plan lessons, how to make sure lessons have a positive start that grabs the learners' interest and makes them want to learn, and how to manage activities throughout the class so everyone is involved and learning. 
A major focus have been on how projects and problem-solving activities can be used to promote learning by making learners think, plan, cooperate and make effective decisions


1.Providing the educators and teachers with practical resourses to be able to organise, coordinate and teach CLIL through projects, using the English as the vehicular language (not only planning the project, but also during the development in the classroom).  
2.Creating the outline of a CLIL project, so that the teachers can develop it in the school at the end of the course.
3.General approach of CLIL project development, so that participants can apply it in the future projects, made by themselves

Thank Jon Wright, you are an amazing teacher! 

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