1 de maig 2015

Òndia amb el Remind!

No m'agrada fer soroll, però... m'ha arribat aquest e-mail des de Remind:

You've unlocked the Remind Expert Communicator badge!

We're excited to share that the last message you sent was your 100th! That much communicating deserves some recognition.


Copy and paste this code into the HTML of your blog or website to embed the badge and share your achievement with the world:

<img src="http://s3.amazonaws.com/remind101-marketing/badges/expert-communicator.png" alt="Remind" width="375" height="450" border="0">

As an avid user of the product, if you ever have feedback, suggestions or questions for us please reach out! We'd love to chat.

Doncs vinga, a publicar-ho!


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